About Me

👋 Hey there

My name is Thanwarin Pisanprechatam, but you can call me Three.

Currently, I am:

- Senior Full-Stack Developer
- Studying Korean
- Playing around Generative AI project
- Running around mountain to get 100 Km. trail run badge
- Working in the health tech startup

My past’s work experiences:

- 5-year work experience in the financial and bank industries
- 2-year work experience in e-commerce startups

Participated activities:

- Volunteered as part of the project management team for a charity run,
    raising funds for Saturday School's educational initiatives in 2023
- Joined the #ChaiyoGCP Season 3 event and successfully completed
    all 14 missions in 2023
- Finisher of Berlin Marathon in 2023
- Finisher of Chicago Marathon in 2022
- Awarded the Winner Prize of SCB mini-Data Hackathon in 2020
- Be a part of SCB Open Banking Hackathon's staff in 2019
- Awarded the Rookie Star Prize of Thailand Google Hackathon in 2016

Thanks for reading!